Airport Health Testing and Travel Information

Welcome to the Airport Health Testing and Travel Information API page

Airports Council International (ACI) has developed a data interface standard for applicable health regulations and testing services at airports. This standard addresses the information that passengers and other stakeholders need in order to plan and execute their journeys during and after the COVID 19 Pandemic.

This data interface standard was produced by the ACI ACRIS (Aviation Community Recommended Information Services) working group and it complies with the ACI ACRIS Semantic Model and interface specifications, including the relevant terms and specification of the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

In anticipation of changes to health regulations and protocols, the API shall undergo changes and will be version controlled to manage these updates. For Version 1.0, the specification is focused on COVID 19 health regulations and testing. Subsequent versions will include COVID 19 vaccination regulations, vaccination facilities and services, airline partnerships with testing and vaccination facilities, health regulation exemptions, risk ranking of airports and international language support.

Click on this link to download a copy of the ACI Health Information Standards API v1.0

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